Supporting the vulnerable and preventing entrenched disadvantage


The Families and Communities Program is at the core of our mission to improve the wellbeing of individuals and families in Australian communities.

To do this, we implement a number of activities and initiatives.

The Families and Children Activity invests significantly in parenting and early childhood intervention and prevention programs that aim to build the capacity of parents and disrupt entrenched pathways of disadvantage experienced by vulnerable children and their families.

The Stronger Places, Stronger People initiative supports communities to create better outcomes for children and their families through partnering with leaders and their communities, local organisations, policy makers and funders. This place-based collective initiative is being implemented in partnership with state and territory governments and 10 communities across Australia.

The Financial Wellbeing and Capability Activity provides around $100 million per year to alleviate financial crises, address financial stress and hardship, and increase financial literacy for individuals and families. The suite of services can support people in times of financial crisis through practical assistance, such as food, blankets and support to pay bills.

For families who have longer term issues such as over-indebtedness and/or a lack of understanding of financial issues, financial counselling can assist to bring their finances under control and help them build skills in the longer-term.

This program provides support to vulnerable children, improves the wellbeing of families and individuals, reduces the costs of family breakdown, improves financial capability and literacy, and builds strong and resilient communities.

Guiding our work on women’s safety is the 12-year National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children. This National Plan recognises that violence against women and their children is a complex problem that requires a long-term plan of action. There are three four-year action plans with our department leading the implementation of the Fourth Action Plan 2018–2020.

Our work is also guided by the National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009–2020 which aims to deliver a substantial and sustained reduction in levels of child abuse and neglect over time.

The National Centre for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse will be an independent body providing a strategic research focus, supporting state and territory services to respond to victims, reducing reoffending and preventing future abuse. To establish the National Centre by the end of 2020, consultations will continue through 2019 with stakeholders from state and territory governments, survivor groups, academia and service providers.

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