Following in dad’s footsteps

Daithi is in his second year of boarding at Hale School in Perth. He shares his junior boarding house with 50 other boys and his favourite subjects are Physical Education and Maths.

Originally from Broome in Western Australia, Daithi is the oldest of four children. He started boarding in 2018 in Year 7, but he is not the first person from his family to attend Hale School.

“My dad was one of the early Indigenous Scholarship students at Hale (Year 12, 2003). He’s a Civil Team Leader at Water Corp and was always keen for me to come here. Whenever we came to Perth when I was little, we always took a drive through Hale. I am proud to be here now, at dad’s school,” Daithi said.

ABSTUDY is a means tested payment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and Australian apprentices. In recognition of the 50th anniversary of ABSTUDY, the Government is investing $38.1 million over five years from 2018–19 to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students who need to live away from home for education.

In addition to ABSTUDY, Daithi also receives support from the Hale School’s Foundation Indigenous Scholarship and MADALAH, a not-for-profit organisation, that offers secondary and tertiary scholarships to young Indigenous people from remote and regional communities to attend Western Australia’s leading boarding schools and Australian universities.

“I’m only in Year 8 but already I can see how many subjects are offered—there are so many opportunities here and I have plenty of new friends. ABSTUDY payments and the scholarship are supporting me to think big about possibilities for the future,” Daithi said.

ABOVE: Daithi at Hale School where he boards.

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