Department of Social Services Annual Report 2018–19

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About this report

This report describes the operations and performance of the Department of Social Services during 2018-19.

Portable Document Format Preliminary pages [257 kB]

This section describes the Department of Social Services’ outcome and program structure and the Secretary’s Review. There are six parts to the annual report.

Part 1—Overview

Introduces the Department of Social Services with a description of our department and the portfolio.

Portable Document Format Part 1—Overview [313 kB]

Part 2—Annual performance statement

Presents our annual performance statement for 2018–19.

Portable Document Format Part 2—Annual performance statement [436 kB]

Part 3—National Redress Scheme

Reports on the 2018-19 operation of the scheme compliant with section 187 of the National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse Act 2018.

Portable Document Format Part 3—National Redress Scheme [219 kB]

Part 4—Management and accountability

Details our management and accountability processes, including corporate governance, external scrutiny, human resources and a review of financial management for the past year.

Portable Document Format Part 4—Management and accountability [218 kB]

Part 5—Financial statements

Presents our audited financial statements for 2018–19.

Portable Document Format Part 5—Financial statements [991 kB]

Part 6—Appendices

Provides additional information including an index of requirements and where to find this information in the report.

Portable Document Format Part 6—Appendices [288 kB]

Case studies

These six case studies highlight some of the work we do at the Department of Social Services to improve the wellbeing of individuals and families in Australian communities.

DecorativeCapable. Sociable. Employable

DecorativeThe future is collaboration

DecorativeAchieving independence and maturity

DecorativeCommittees give voice to diversity and inclusion

DecorativeBaking her way to success

DecorativeFollowing in dad’s footsteps


Performance studies demonstrate how the department’s diverse range of policies and programs are making a difference to the Australian community.

DecorativeA holistic approach to welfare

DecorativeSupporting the vulnerable and preventing entrenched disadvantage

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