Capable. Sociable. Employable

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“It’s very important for people with Down syndrome to have a job. Just like anyone else,” says Claire. “Being a part of the team, meeting new people and being helpful makes me excited to get up each day.”

Claire is an Office Administration Assistant at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital School in Brisbane, and she has Down syndrome. She is capable. She is sociable. And she is employable.

Jane is the school’s Deputy Principal, and she says Claire is a ray of sunshine in the office every day.

“Claire brings a different perspective to work. Her enthusiasm when she comes in each day is like no other. She has a point of view that I know has been of great benefit to the other staff here,” Jane says.

She says that working with Claire and getting to know her has made her confident to employ other staff with disability.

“I haven’t used Job Access before, but being able to describe exactly what the role is and what would be required, and then being linked with a suitable person, would be invaluable in this process,” she says.

Job Access is the national hub for workplace and employment information for people with disability, employers and service providers. Created by the Australian Government, it brings together the information and resources that can ‘drive disability employment’.

“I love my job. It’s very important to enjoy what you’re doing and love what you’re doing, so I feel very lucky,” Claire says.

ABOVE: Claire, who loves her job at the local hospital school.
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