Baking her way to success

At 20 years old, Kyleigh had never had paid employment.

Kyleigh loves making desserts and baking, and dreams of one day running her own patisserie. Having only ever baked at home, Kyleigh felt her dream was impossible.

She registered with jobactive, but without any qualifications or experience employers were not willing to take her on.

In May 2018, the Mentoring 2 Work trial was launched. Delivered by the Council of Ageing Western Australia over two years, the project will pair 240 young job seekers in Perth with mature volunteer mentors with strong business and workplace connections who will help support them through to employment.

The Mentoring 2 Work project is part of the Try, Test and Learn Fund (TTL). The $96.1 million TTL is trialling new or innovative approaches to assist some of the most vulnerable in society onto the path towards independence.

Through the project, Kyleigh was matched with a mentor, Stephen. After being a consultant for most of his working life and raising three kids of his own, Stephen was well-placed to support Kyleigh to address her barriers to finding a job.

During fortnightly mentoring sessions, the pair worked on Kyleigh’s resume, a job-seeking plan, interview skills and workplace behaviour. Stephen also provided support and encouragement when Kyleigh experienced set-backs in her job search.

Kyleigh now has a casual job in the catering industry.

“When I was offered the job, I was thrilled that someone had finally given me a chance,” said Kyleigh. “I will get to use the skills I have gained to work towards my dream of becoming a pastry chef.”

ABOVE: Kyleigh and her mentor, Stephen.
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