Why Volunteer?

Moving to a new country is often a difficult and stressful experience. Homesickness, culture shock and a sense of isolation can all affect how a person settles in Australia. This is compounded when a person does not speak English well.

Many people arriving in Australia under the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s Migration and Humanitarian Programs need help in overcoming these challenges.

Being a volunteer can be very rewarding and there are many benefits to working with migrants and refugees through their settlement experience. Volunteering can give you the satisfaction of helping individuals, provide opportunities to develop your skills, develop friendships and experience with community organisations.

Volunteering can also give you valuable workplace experience and potential pathways to employment and provide opportunities to learn about new cultures.

Whatever your cultural background, skills and experience, by working as a volunteer with a government funded service provider for only a few hours a fortnight, you can make a valuable contribution to the settlement of migrants and refugees.

More information about being a volunteer is available in the brochures below:

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