Beginning a Life in Australia

The Beginning a Life in Australia booklet welcomes newly-arrived migrants and humanitarian entrants to Australia. It provides useful national, state/territory and local settlement information for migrants, humanitarian entrants, their sponsors and service providers. This information is available to download in English and 37 community languages.

These booklets are made available as PDF files. To read or print the booklets, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 5 or later, on your computer. More information is available on PDF files.

Please note this booklet is now owned by the Department of Social Services.  This booklet is currently being reviewed for re-branding.

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Albanian PDF1.4MB
Amharic PDF 2.1MB
Arabic PDF 2.5MB
Bosnian PDF 1.8MB
Chinese (Simplified) PDF 2.3MB
Chinese (Traditional) PDF 2.8MB
Croatian PDF 2.5MB
Dari PDF 3.0MB
Dinka PDF 1.3MB
French PDF 1.4MB
German PDF 1.6MB
Greek greek PDF 2.7MB
Hindi hindi PDF 2.5MB
Indonesian indonesian PDF 1.7MB
Italian Italian PDF 1.7MB
Japanese japanese PDF 3.0MB
Karen karen PDF 1.5MB
Khmer Khmer PDF 3.5MB
Kirundi Kirundi PDF 2.0MB
Korean Korean PDF 3.0MB
Macedonian Macedoian PDF 1.8MB
Nepali Nepalese PDF 2.1MB
Persian/Farsi persian - farsi PDF 3.0MB
Portuguese portuguese PDF 1.6MB
Russian Russian PDF 1.26MB
Serbian Serbian PDF 1.8MB
Sinhalese sinhalese PDF 2.4MB
Somali Somali PDF 1.6MB
Spanish Spanish PDF 1.6MB
Swahili swahili PDF 1.6MB
Tagalog tagalog PDF 1.6MB
Tamil tamil PDF 2.6MB
Thai thai PDF 2.8MB
Tigrinya tigrinya PDF 2.0MB
Turkish turkish PDF 1.7MB
Vietnamese vietnamese PDF 2.1MB


Feedback on the Beginning a Life in Australia booklets

You can submit comments and suggestions about the Beginning a Life in Australia booklet by filling out the department's online feedback form.

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