Australian Multicultural Advisory Council (AMAC)

The Australian Multicultural Advisory Council was officially launched by the then Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, on 17 December 2008 in Melbourne. The Government of the day reappointed the council for a second term from 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011.

The current Australian Multicultural Council was appointed by Government in December 2014, for a three year term.

The council consisted of 16 members with a wide range of backgrounds, experience and professional expertise, and reflected a balance of ages and gender.

The members were:

  • Mr Andrew Demetriou (Chair) (VIC)
  • Judge Rauf Soulio (Deputy Chair – during council's second term) (SA)
  • Mr Susai Benjamin (NSW)
  • Ms Nola Randall-Mohk OAM (NSW)
  • Mr Peter Wertheim AM (NSW)*
  • Mrs Katie Young OAM (NSW)
  • Dr Hass Dellal OAM (VIC)
  • Ms Joumanah El Matrah (VIC)
  • Dr Sylwia Greda-Bogusz (VIC)
  • Ms Voula Messimeri AM (VIC)
  • Ms Gail Ker OAM (QLD)
  • Dr Casta Tungaraza (WA)
  • Professor Samina Yasmeen (WA)
  • Ms Carmen Garcia (SA)
  • Inspector Craig Waterhouse (r'td) (TAS)
  • Mr John Rawnsley (NT)*

* These members joined the council in its second term and replaced Ms Rhonda Jacobsen (QLD) and Mr Brian Schwartz AM (NSW) who were members during the council's first term from 2009–10.

The council provided the Government of the day with advice on:

  • social cohesion issues relating to Australia's cultural and religious diversity
  • overcoming intolerance and racism in Australia
  • communicating the social and economic benefits of Australia's cultural diversity to the broad community
  • issues relating to the social and civic participation of migrants in Australian society.

Statement on cultural diversity

On 30 April 2010, the Australian Multicultural Advisory Council presented its advice and recommendations on cultural diversity policy to the Government of the day in a statement titled The People of Australia.

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