Settlement Reporting Facility

Warning  Decommissioning Settlement Reporting Facility Data

From 2nd March 2018, the existing Settlement Reporting Facility will be decommissioned; however, you will still be able to access the data you need.

The Settlement Data Team has analysed the most commonly requested reports on permanent settlers to Australia, which can be found on These reports are updated quarterly. More specific data reports can be requested via email at

Settlement reports are drawn from the settlement database, dating back to January 1991, and can be segmented by gender, country of birth and main language by migration stream.

Please refer to the SRF Decommissioning Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

The Settlement Database provides statistical data on permanent settlers to Australia who have arrived since January 1991. It brings together data from various sources to assist government and community agencies involved in the planning and provision of services to migrants. It may also be of use to researchers or members of the general public.

Settlement Reporting Facility (SRF)

Allows you to generate your own custom reports.


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