Review of Humanitarian Settlement Services Performance Measures and Contract Management

Review of HSS Performance Measures

In December 2011, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship and the Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs released the Review of Humanitarian Settlement Services (HSS) – Performance Measures and Contract Management – (the Review). The Review was conducted by David Richmond AO following an extensive consultation process from July to September 2011. A total of 169 individuals across the country provided input into the Review, including HSS Service Providers and their staff, departmental officers, community stakeholders and former and current clients. This was in addition to input from key stakeholders such as the Refugee Council of Australia, the Refugee Resettlement Advisory Council and the Settlement Council of Australia.

Overall, the Review concluded that HSS is a program well managed and delivered effectively by professional and committed Service Providers across the country. The Review did not find comparable issues elsewhere across the country to those found in the Hunter region under the previous contract. The Review does however outline some 70 recommended improvements that can be made to the department's overall management and administration of the HSS program.

The Minister extends his thanks to David Richmond and all those who provided input into the Review.

About the Review

In May 2011, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, appointed Mr David Richmond AO to conduct a review into the adequacy of performance measures and contract management processes of the HSS program.

The Review was initiated in light of the findings of the Ernst & Young review, Provision of Humanitarian Support Services in the Hunter Region, which the Minister and the Parliamentary Secretary, Senator Kate Lundy, publicly released on 23 May 2011. The Executive Summary of the forensic review on Resolve FM conducted by Protiviti is also available.

Further information on the HSS program

The HSS program commenced in April 2011 and replaced the Integrated Humanitarian Settlement Strategy (IHSS). The HSS program provides intensive settlement support, through a coordinated case management approach, to humanitarian clients on arrival and throughout their initial settlement period.

Support through the HSS program is tailored to individual needs, including the specific needs of young people. HSS endeavours to strengthen the ability of humanitarian clients to participate in the economic and social life of Australia and to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to independently access services beyond the initial settlement period.
See: Fact Sheet 66 – Humanitarian Settlement Services

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