PHaMs Remote Services Questions and Answers Issue no. 2

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Q1.  We are considering applying for PHaMs funding for Halls Creek and wondered if the area also includes Balgo and other outlying areas or just the township of Halls Creek?

The Shire of Halls Creek is so large that it would create difficulties with the funding provided to cover the whole shire simply from the point of view of travel budgets to and from the outlying communities which would significantly eat into available funding.

A1.  Each PHaMs Remote Service is allocated a site with a defined service Coverage Area, in this case the Shire of Halls Creek.  The Department expects PHaMs Remote Services to provide access to people living within their defined Coverage Area, and through this process is looking for organisations that put forward innovative and effective ways of ensuring access, particularly in sites such as the Shire of Halls Creek.

Q2.  Will establishment costs be provided in addition to the funding specified, or do these costs need to form part of the budget?

A2.  Establishment funding will be provided to successful applicants for one-off costs associated with setting up their PHaMs Remote Service.  The amount of establishment funding to be provided has not yet been determined and will depend on a range of factors, such as location of service.

Q3.  Can you please confirm the funding amount and the number of sites that will be implemented in the Pilbara.  For example does the Shire of Roebourne & Town of Port Hedland constitute 2 sites with a total funding amount of $1,058,720.

A3. There will be one PHaMs site implemented in the Pilbara in this funding round. The total annual funding amount of $529,360 (GST exclusive) for the Pilbara Coverage Area applies irrespective of the number of LGAs to be included in the site’s Coverage Area.  For example if an organisation applies for funding to provide a service to the Shire of Roebourne and the Town of Port Hedland (two LGAs), the annual aggregate funding amount will be $529,360 (GST exclusive).


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