Outcome Measurement in SAAP Funded Services




The SAAP Outcomes Measurement Pilot project builds on earlier work conducted by the Flinders Institute of Public Policy and Management. The project developed and trialed a range of client outcome measurement tools in a number of SAAP agencies. This report describes the measures and their suitability for application in SAAP funded services.


This project could not have been completed without the assistance of many people. The authors would like to thank the following:

  • Staff of all services who participated in the workshops and those who provided comments by telephone and email,
  • Staff from State and Territory departments who helped publicise workshops and arrange venues,
  • The Australian Federation of Homelessness Organisations for publicising the project and providing feedback,
  • Staff of agencies who piloted the instruments for their willingness to try something new and adapt and modify tools as we all learned,
  • Clients for their willingness to try out the instruments and provide feedback on that experience,
  • The Steering Committee for their feedback on reports, and
  • The Department of Family and Community Services for their ongoing interest in measuring outcomes.

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