National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009–2020


Protecting Children is Everyone's Business


Aim of publication

The National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009-2020 (the National Framework), endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments in April 2009, is an ambitious, long-term approach to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of Australia’s children and aims to deliver a substantial and sustained reduction in levels of child abuse and neglect over time.

The National Framework represents the highest level of collaboration between Commonwealth, State and Territory governments and non-government organisations, through the Coalition of Organisations Committed to the Safety and Wellbeing of Australia’s Children, to ensure Australia’s children and young people are safe and well.  It includes high level and other supporting outcomes and actions which are being delivered through a series of three-year action plans.

Who is it for?

Under the National Framework, protecting children is everyone’s business.  The National Framework is for Commonwealth, State and Territory governments, non-government organisations, service providers and individuals with an interest in ensuring Australia’s children are safe and well.

What does it cover?

This publication looks in detail at the need for the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments and non-government organisations to work together to protect Australia’s children. 

The National Framework outlines six supporting outcomes and provides details about how each of these outcomes will be achieved.

The six supporting outcomes are:

  • children live in safe and supportive families and communities
  • children and families access adequate support to promote safety and intervene early
  • risk factors for child abuse and neglect are addressed
  • children who have been abused or neglected receive the support and care they need for their safety and wellbeing
  • Indigenous children are supported and safe in their families and communities
  • child sexual abuse and exploitation is prevented and survivors receive adequate support.

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