Pride of Place

Pride of Place (PoP) is an initiative designed to help improve the presentation of people's houses and gardens as well as support the cleaning up of public spaces. Having a clean, neat environment will help make people proud of their surroundings, in turn creating a significant positive effect on social norms. It is also a family development project that strengthens households and communities while building people's skills and confidence.

The PoP program has two streams:

  • Private - helps families to improve their homes and backyards
  • Public - assists local councils and the villages to improve their public spaces and outstations. This could include a general clean-up, redevelopment of swings or sporting facilities, building memorials or planting trees and gardens. These projects will rely on the strong involvement of the local council.

POP Private encourages families to take pride in and responsibility for the condition of their homes and backyards with $10,000 (per property) in home improvement funds. These funds are intended for home improvements that are above and beyond the maintenance and upgrades already carried out and/or planned by the landlords (local council/local representative body/Department of Housing).

Improvements may include: landscaping, tree planting, house painting, carport or garden shed construction. A POP project manager will be assigned to work with families and assist families to plan, design and carry out their improvements. Families can decide to work in clan 'clusters' or as stand alone individual projects.

In order to receive these funds, households must:

  • Sign a new tenancy agreement (have a good rental payment record and no rental arrears)
  • Agree to participate in carrying out the improvements
  • Financially contribute to the ongoing care of the household.

Further information on Cape York Welfare Reform can be found on this website, the Queensland Government website and the Cape York Institute website.

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