Making up for Lost Time in Literacy (MULTILIT) in Cape York Schools

MULTILIT Cape York Schools (MCYS) project is designed to embed sustainable high quality literacy instruction across a school and improve students' literacy outcomes.

MULTILIT is a proven form of literacy instruction that delivers significant gains in reading and spelling for low-progress readers.

MCYS establishes a MULTILIT tutorial centre in a school to develop sustainable quality literacy teaching. Activity involves training quality MULTILIT teachers, providing direct support to low progress readers, embedding the MULTILIT methodology in regular classrooms, and operating a reading club for parents to read with their child and engage in their learning.

MULTILIT in Cape York Schools is a five year old research project designed in partnership by Cape York Partnerships' (CYP) Every Child is Special (ECIS) Education Unit and MULTILIT with funding support by the Australian Government.

Further information on Cape York Welfare Reform can be found on this website, the Queensland Government website and the Cape York Institute website.

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