Home Ownership

In contrast to mainstream Australia where privately-owned housing is the norm and social housing comprises only a small percentage of total housing stock, social housing is the only form of housing in many Cape York communities and is a form of passive welfare.

Home ownership enables families who want to own their home the choice of buying their existing public house or building a new property, thereby helping them take pride in their home, build wealth and take responsibility for their housing and for their place in the community.

Home ownership enables individuals and families to make real choices in determining how they want to live and to manage their housing requirements.

How is this being implemented?

In Cape York, there will be opportunities for families to purchase existing social housing, as well as to build new houses, on a private ownership basis.

The Queensland Government has recently passed legislation to enable the provision of 99-year leases to be granted on communal land. This is an important prerequisite for home ownership on communal land.

Individuals will be responsible for sourcing finance through mainstream lenders, loan assistance provided by the Queensland Government or loan packages provided by Indigenous Business Australia (IBA).

Further information on Cape York Welfare Reform can be found on this website, the Queensland Government website and the Cape York Institute website.

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