Family Income Management (FIM) - Cape York

Family Income Management (FIM) is a money management education and support service.

The service is voluntary, confidential and free.

It  designed to provide Indigenous individuals and families in Cape York with the education, information and ongoing support needed to manage their money with confidence.

FIM aims to develop the capacity of individuals and families to effectively manage their income and achieve improved living standards. Skilled consultants throughout Cape York assist participants to improve their budgeting skills and to understand and make the best use of all available financial products and services.

FIM provides practical training using 'hands on learning' to help people develop the personal skills that lead to better money management and family wellbeing.

FIM provides support and assistance through referrals to other financial services such as financial counselling and access to financial institutions and other financial products and services.

It also provides general information, education and ongoing support to individuals and families to help improve the outcomes for children from the expenditure of Family Payments (including Family Tax Benefit, Baby Bonus and Maternity Immunisation allowance).

FIM has been operating in a number of Cape York communities since 2002.

FIM operates in:

  •  Aurukun
  • Coen
  • Hope Vale
  • Mossman Gorge
  • Lockhart River
  • Cooktown with outreach to Wujul Wujul and
  • Weipa with outreach to Napranum and Mapoon.

Financial knowledge and skills that people gain by participating in FIM empower them to:

  • make better and informed decisions about managing their money
  • manage their money from payday to payday ensuring essential living expenses are covered (e.g. food, rent, clothing, education, regular bills) and share household expenses fairly
  • plan and set goals for items such as whitegoods, furniture, cars, boats and leisure goods
  • better use financial services to manage their household funds and access money management technology such as ATMs and phone and internet banking
  • be aware of their rights as consumers, know how to avoid exploitation when using their money and how to get better deals when they are making purchases
  • put something aside for their children and for the future
  • better deal with financial hardship and money stresses.

FIM provides opportunities for the engagement and training of local workers to deliver its services.

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