Economic Opportunity - Business Development

Business Precincts

Business precincts will be developed for Aurukun and Hope Vale. This will give communities the opportunity to develop businesses by providing spaces for businesses to operate from and facilities for training and business development.

This will be achieved by introducing the following initiatives into communities:

  • Creating premises in which businesses and service delivery agencies can operate in the
  • Having greater land tenure security in order to facilitate long term business investments
  • Investing in infrastructure such as accommodation in communities.

Mentoring and Up-skilling

Business support services for local people will be available. This will provide mentoring, skills development activities and business loans. These strong networks and support services will aid business operations.

There are currently business support services in some communities, such as those provided by Balkanu Cape York Business Development, which has been essential in supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs in communities. This has led to greater business development in the area.

Further information on Cape York Welfare Reform can be found on this website, the Queensland Government website and the Cape York Institute website.

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