Cape York Welfare Reform fact sheets 2012

Aim of the publication

The fact sheets provide information on the aim of the high level components of the Cape York Welfare Reform (CYWR). CYWR embodies an ambitious agenda of rebuilding social change, social norm change and behaviours through a broad program of activities that simultaneously tackle the domains of social responsibility, education, economic development, housing and service delivery.

Target Audience

The Australian and Queensland Governments, and Cape York Regional Organisations, service providers and community members are all partners in this reform.

Content of the publication

In late 2007, the four Cape York communities of Aurukun, Coen, Hope Vale and Mossman Gorge courageously put their hands up to be part of the radical and innovative Welfare Reform trial, which was proposed in the landmark reports; From Hand Out to Hand Up, Volume 1 and 2

The governance arrangements embody the welfare reform philosophy of moving beyond passive, government-defined service delivery and instead empowering Indigenous involvement in leadership of policy and program design and delivery. Local leaders and community members were driven by the strong desire to rebuild the social and economic fabric of their communities which had declined over the past forty years largely due to passive welfare and widespread alcohol abuse.



Social responsibility

Economic opportunity

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