Protecting Australia’s Children Funding - A further $3.1million to protect Australia’s children

Fifty projects across each state and territory will share in $3.1 million in Australian Government funding to deliver projects which will help protect Australia’s children.

This commitment will enable organisations to further support children who have been abused or neglected and their families, providing one-off funding of up to $100,000 to deliver projects.

It is in addition to the $63.1 million committed over four years under the National Framework for Protecting Australia's Children 2009-2020.

The Australian Government is determined to address the issue of child abuse and neglect, and has shown strong leadership with the establishment of the National Framework for Protecting Australia's Children 2009-2020, in April 2009.

The Framework will enable all levels of governments, the non-government sector, and the broader community to work together to protect our children.

Funded organisations have proven expertise and effectiveness in services for children in out-of-home care, early intervention and prevention.

Protecting Australia's Children Funding Outcomes

Organisation State Total Funding Project
Woden Community Service ACT $100,000 This is an early intervention pilot project that includes an evaluation by the Institute of Child Protection Studies.  Eight community organisations will partner to test a case management and coordination model for children and families who are reported to the ACT Government child protection service. 
Barnardos ACT $25,080 To take a group of vulnerable children aged 10-16 on a weekend camp. The aim is to have the children take part in physical adventure activities and help them develop social networking skills, self awareness and protective behaviours in a safe, supportive and affirming environment. 
Youth Off the Streets Ltd NSW $100,000 The Walgett Youth Safety and Wellbeing project will deliver practical, on-the-ground child safety and wellbeing workshops for carers and young people.  The project recognises the specific cultural needs of young Aboriginal people and provides them with a program that tackles issues around abuse and neglect.
ASCA (Adults Surviving Child Abuse) NSW $96,330 The Creating new Possibilities project will deliver 10 workshops to adult survivors of childhood abuse in rural and regional areas throughout Australia.
The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (NSW) for UnitingCare NSW.ACT – Children, Young People and Families NSW $79,500 The UnitingCare Burnside Walking the Talk project provides speech and language support for disadvantaged children. 
The Benevolent Society NSW $10,000 This project brings together children's service providers, early intervention workers and early childhood academics in a one-day seminar to consider the needs of vulnerable children in central NSW.
The Benevolent Society NSW $93,960 The Leppington Outreach pilot project will use a new model of outreach to the Market Garden community in Leppington.  A mobile activity centre will support playgroups for children aged up to five years old and excursions for families with children aged up to 12 years old. 
South East Women and Children's Services Incorporated NSW $35,075 The 'Dare to be Solid' Program will assist participants from Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse communities to develop the skills and capacity to participate in and contribute to their families and community.
Barnados Australia NSW $74,100 This project will establish a web based interactive service that will provide accessible and confidential information, mentoring and information to severely marginalised youth.
Heartfelt House Inc. NSW $45,200 This project will evaluate and further develop the First Steps program through implementing workshops with adult survivors of child sexual abuse, their parents and spouses. 
Barnados Australia NSW $61,200 The Aboriginal FASD Resource Project uses resources developed with NSW South Coast Aboriginal communities to raise awareness about the risks to the developing foetus if mothers drink while pregnant.  The resource will be further developed, printed and distributed throughout the NSW South Coast region.  The distribution will be supported with training.
La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council NSW $96,000 The La Perouse Building Stronger Koori Families Strategy will deliver two Healthy Body/Healthy Camps for students and concurrent, separate parent workshops.  The camps and workshops will focus on health and nutrition, the dangers of substance abuse, the prevention of child sexual abuse, respecting women and girls, and will provide a respite service for grandparents caring for grandchildren.
The Benevolent Society NSW $37,460 The ten week 'The Incredible Years' evidence based parenting program will be delivered to a cross section of vulnerable people in the Rosemeadow/Ambarvale community.  The project includes an evaluation of community benefits. 
The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (NSW) NSW $94,570 This project will develop and implement an accredited eight week training package for parents to become mentors within their community.
Central Coast Disability Network Incorporated NSW $66,633 The Young Double Jeopardy Project provides time-limited early intervention workshops to identified target groups.  The workshops focus on self awareness and protective behaviours for vulnerable children.  An evaluation report will be completed by 30 Sept 2009.
Orange Family Support Services Inc NSW $47,400 The "Talking Care for Children Project" will provide nationally accredited cultural competency workshops for child and family networks in Orange. Structured conversations about cultural values and experiences will be facilitated between Sudanese families and service providers.
The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (NSW) NSW $100,000 The core components of this project include the production of a book, DVD and internet video with stories from a diverse range of carers about their caring experiences, how they decided to become carers and what the effect has been on their lives and the children they care for.
Campbell Page LTD NSW $30,200 Mangarra (Home) – This short-term project delivers workshops that support child friendly communities and families that care for children through valuing family wellbeing, participation and their caring role.
NSW Family Services Inc (FamS) NSW $58,397 The Shared Visions - Shared Accountability project will work with four member networks in rural and regional areas. It includes the articulation of a shared vision, building supportive culture, collaboration between organisations and services and the development of "How To" manual for use in 302 service outlets across NSW.
Youth Off the Streets Ltd. NSW $58,700 This project will develop a 'ready to implement' service model for children leaving care and after care services.
Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for the Diocese of Bathurst - Centacare NSW $63,896 The Safe Kids in Focus 'SKIF' Project will provide education services to Indigenous families on child abuse and how it affects children and their extended family. A project evaluation will be completed.
The Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for the Diocese of Broken Bay NSW $62,500 This project will develop and disseminate an Education and Life Skills Audit Tool for children and young people in care and transitioning from care.
Australian Red Cross Society NT $100,000 The project will deliver accredited Certificate IV child safety training to 12 Indigenous people who will then conduct five culturally appropriate education sessions in Palmerston and the Tiwi Islands.  A final evaluation is scheduled at the end of September 2009.
Multicultural Development Association Inc. QLD $76,910 The Safe Communities for Children project will publish four multicultural child protection education fact sheets in five languages.  The fact sheets address a range of issues arising from the interface between culture and child safety.  A training kit and resources will be developed to support the delivery of the fact sheets.
Micah Projects Ltd QLD $45,000 The Micah Child Safe Child Friendly Project aims to improve Micah's response to children who are at-risk and whose parents are accessing homelessness, mental health or disability services.  It will involve trialling a Parents Under Pressure Program, a pilot antenatal clinic for young pregnant women, and a 12 week playgroup for young mothers.
Bravehearts Inc. QLD $98,750 This project includes a workshop aimed at increasing the understanding of the nature of child sexual abuse; strengthening therapeutic skills in utilising effective interventions for this client group; effective responses to disclosures of sexual assault and supporting parents to respond appropriately.
Brisbane Youth Service Inc. QLD $40,000 This project includes intensive group work on domestic violence (causes effects and solutions).
The Palm Island Community Company Ltd QLD $56,320 This project involves the publication of two books written and illustrated by children and young people.  The books outline strategies for keeping safe, identify the risk factors and characteristics of abuse and neglect and list support services. 
United Synergies Ltd QLD $68,050 This Working in Residential Care project includes the development of a specialised training program for 25 staff to increase their skills, competency and theoretical knowledge of residential care services.  Senior staff will be trained in the delivery of the program and will provide ongoing, in-house support.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corp For Welfare, Resource and Housing QLD $100,000 The Gangalah Jarjums, to Listen, to Think, to See our Future Project will implement family and domestic violence prevention workshops with prominent guest speakers.  The projects will initially be targeted at particular groups and will expand to the whole family and community. 
IFYS Training Inc QLD $44,662 This project will provide a safe and supportive environment for Indigenous children while their mothers undertake child care training and will also assist Indigenous women to establish their own playgroups.
Save the Children Australia QLD $57,500 The camps for living skills development for young people transitioning from care project will deliver a program targeted to Foster and Kinship carers with younger children to assist in early integration of living skills.
Catholic Church Endowment Society SA $76,100 The Camp Connect project will hold two family camps (1 with Aboriginal families) in August 2009.  The camps will include positive role modelling by staff and volunteers, relationship education and the promotion of healthy family relationships and take home learning and family education resources.  A reunion for the families is scheduled in September 2009.
Yemaya Women's Support Service Inc TAS $43,444 Love Bites is a train the trainer project.  It will introduce into four Tasmanian schools a nationally recognised program targeted at adolescents that addresses domestic/family violence.  An evaluation report will be completed by 30 Sept 2009.
NEWPIN Tasmania Inc. TAS $56,500 NEWPIN is an intensive, therapeutic family support program aimed at breaking the cycle of destructive family relationships.  It is based on the successful NEWPIN model that has been implemented in both Australia and the UK.   This project will pilot NEWPIN's Dad's program in Launceston’s northern suburbs and will be completed by late September 2009.
Anglicare Victoria VIC $65,400 The Beyond the Violence Project is an eight week group work program for children and parents who have been subject to violence (2 groups run concurrently).  If suitable and approved by program participants, two information sessions will be run for parents. 
Southern Family Life Service Association Inc. VIC $40,500 The Creating Capable Leadership project is an innovative community based project that trains and supports families and individuals to develop and implement their own community project.
The Queen Elizabeth Centre VIC $99,888 This project will deliver an eight week program that applies early intervention and prevention practices to assist parents/carers to develop a secure attachment with their infants/toddlers and enable the reunification of a parent/carer whose child/ren have been removed. 
Tweddle Child and Family Health Service VIC $46,500 This project involves working with pregnant, high risk adolescents to deliver education sessions before and following child birth and intensive parenting support.
Whitelion Inc VIC $44,480 The 'Rare View: Challenging Attitudes of Young Drivers at Risk' project will provide an opportunity for young people in out-of-home care and young people at risk of entering care to participate in a tailored driver attitude and education program.  Young drivers will receive driver education and practical skills.
Berry Street Victoria VIC $99,363 The achieving developmental outcomes for speech and language for vulnerable children project will pilot a draft screening tool to ascertain which children in a high-risk population will benefit from a more comprehensive speech, language and hearing assessment.  This project will be delivered in partnership with an Indigenous community organisation. 
McAuley Community Services for Women VIC $36,000 The Mercy Kids Project will be delivered as part of the Mercy Care Children’s program and will provide age appropriate programs and resources for children who have experienced family violence and are residing at the Mercy Care Crisis service.  This includes a pilot therapeutic program of counselling and safety programs for primary school aged children, information for mothers on specialist counselling and the development of a safety kit.
Rumbalara Football Netball Club Inc. VIC $99,886 The Yakapna Manma "making a family net" project is a non-stigmatising, positive sporting development project that will encourage and support young Indigenous children and their families to understand, negotiate, and commit formally to developing their children’s skills.
Parent-Infant Research Institute Inc. (Piri) VIC $16,520 The Community HUGS playgroup for vulnerable mothers and babies will be run over a 10 week period and aims to increase engagement and interaction between mothers and their children.  The playgroup includes trialling motivational interviewing techniques, providing take home toys that will encourage continued interaction and the provision of healthy lunches.
Merri Outreach Support Service VIC $63,800 This project will deliver a ten week Therapeutic Music and Creative Arts group for children that have accessed SAAP and family violence services.
Westside Circus Inc VIC $46,178 The Children's Circus Project targets at risk, newly arrived refugee children.  It will deliver a culturally sensitive program between July-September 2009 in Brimbank that promotes community cohesion, tolerance, understanding and expression.  A professional development program for playgroup facilitators will also be delivered and this will create community resources.
Australian Red Cross Society WA $26,305 The Coolgardie Early Childhood Education Support Project will deliver an Indigenous-led practical, interactive, holistic and culturally appropriate program.  It is aimed at bridging the gap between service providers and families that are hard to reach and hard to engage in early childhood services.
Australian Red Cross Society WA $24,480 The project will deliver an Indigenous-led program in Kwinana aimed at bridging the gap between service providers and families that are hard to reach and hard to engage in early childhood services.
Relationships Australia WA Inc WA $11,925 This project will improve the safety of children through engaging with fathers and increasing their awareness of their role as fathers. 
Key Assets Pty Ltd WA $87,500 This project involves action research, community consultation, the development and implementation of a culturally specific recruitment package for carers consistent with a standards framework in WA.  The project will also produce materials and resources to support the cultural placement of Aboriginal children. 


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