Income management experiences – case studies

Watch videos of people involved in income management in Western Australia, including participants, the Jacaranda Community Centre and the WA Department for Child Protection.

Read profiles of people’s experiences of income management, from the perspectives of service providers and people on income management.

Income management helps relieve stress for clients

Financial literacy case manager Leisa knows how hard it is for people to let someone else take care of their finances. Read more on how Leisa has seen income management turn people’s lives around in Leisa's case study.

Income management – a social worker’s perspective

The family of six – a mother and father in their 30s and three daughters aged four, six and seven and a son aged two years – were working with their local Child Protection and Family Support team. The school regularly raised concerns that the children were coming to school with no lunches, incorrect school uniforms and insufficient medical treatment. Read more about Income management in a social worker’s perspective case study.

Helping the vulnerable

Centrelink staff frequently saw Simon*, an elderly gentleman who came into one of the larger centres from his home community…Simon’s biggest issue was exploitation. He had a nominated person in his own community to help him manage his payments but as soon as he arrived in the city he would lose all his money. Read more about helpling the vulnerable in Simon’s case study.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Twelve months ago Chantel* found herself alone with five boys to care for. Her relationship had broken up and she was left with an ever increasing pile of bills. Read more about Chantel's case study.

More information

Find out more about income management:

  • Visit the Department of Human Services website
  • talk to your local Department of Human Services—Centrelink Income Management Contact Officer
  • call the Income Management Line (for customers only) on 1800 132 594.

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