FSP Program Structure Diagram



Author:  Australian Government Department of Social Services

Family Support Program

  • Family and Children's Services
    • Communities for Children
      • Communities for Children - Indigenous Parenting Services
    • Family Relationship Services
    • Specialist Services
    • Community Playgroups
  • Family Law Services
    • Family Relationship Centres
    • Post Separation Co-operative Parenting
    • Supporting Children after Separation Program
    • Parenting Orders Program
    • Children's Contact Services
    • Family Dispute Resolution
    • Family and Relationship Services * (Post Separation Services)

Streams are supported by national services including:

  • Family Relationship Advise Line
  • Family Relationships Online
  • Raising Children Network

* Includes some Early Intervention and Post Separation Family Counselling Services jointly funded by the Department of Social Services and the Attorney-General's Department.

The Family Supprt Program appropriation also includes National Find and Connect and Indigenous Family Safety Activities.

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