Income management

Income Management is a tool that helps people budget their welfare payments and ensures they are getting the basic essentials of life, such as food, housing, electricity and education. Improved control of their finances helps people to stabilise their lives so they can better care for themselves and for their children. It can also support them to join or return to the workforce.

What’s new

As part of the 2017-18 Federal Budget, the Commonwealth Government announced that Income Management will be extended in all existing sites until 30 June 2019. Extending Income Management allows the Government to continue supporting more than 25,000 income support recipients while also testing approaches, such as the Cashless Debit Card. for the delivery of restricted welfare payments going forward.

More information on the Cashless Debit Card can be found on the overview page.

Did you know?

The extension of Income Management gives the Government the opportunity to make the program more streamlined and cost effective. These changes include expanding the functionality of the BasicsCard to include additional merchants, a more targeted approach to compliance, and cost effective options for account balance checking.

To find out more about previous changes go to - Questions and Answers - Changes to Income Management 2015.

Where is income management operating?

Income management is operating in different forms across Australia. A person can only start on the program if they live in one of these locations. However, if they move away from an income management location, they may choose, or be required, to remain on the program.

Click on the map below for information about income management in your area.

Map of AustraliaPlayfordAdelaideperthKimberleynorthern territoryNgaanyatjarra Lands (Ng Lands) and LavertonAPYLandsCedunaRockhamptoncape yorkDoomadgee

You can also print a map which includes a summary of income management in different locations.

How does income management work?

A proportion of a person’s welfare payment is income managed and directed towards meeting basic needs such as food, clothing, housing and utilities.

Income management does not change how much a person receives, it just changes the way they receive part of their welfare payment. People participating in income management receive the rest of their payments in the usual way.

People can spend their income managed funds by organising direct payments to people or businesses such as stores, landlords, or utility providers, and by using the BasicsCard.

More Information

Centrelink contacts for income management

  • Human Services
  • Department of Human Services (Centrelink) Income Management Contact Officers
  • Income Management Line (for customers only) on 1800 132 594.

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