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Access to DSS longitudinal datasets

In partnership with the Australian Data Archive, the NCLD is utilising Dataverse to coordinate approval of data requests, and upon approval, to make General Release data available through no-cost direct downloads. Restricted Release data will incur a minor processing fee of $64 (ex GST).

In addition to quick and easy data access, Dataverse also supports author recognition, persistent citation, data discovery and preservation, and can provide shared spaces for project teams.

The NCLD is transitioning to Dataverse as new releases of study data become available:

  • Release 16.0 of the HILDA Survey in early December 2017
  • NEW Release 9.0 of the LSIC Survey – Available NOW!
  • Release 4.0 of the BNLA Survey
  • Release 7.0 of the LSAC Survey

To apply for any of the recent data releases simply follow these steps:

  1. Read the new NCLD Access and Use Protocols (the Protocols)
  2. Go to the HILDA Survey Dataverse site or the LSIC Survey Dataverse site
  3. Follow the instructions in these Quick Reference Guides

Why the change?

The new arrangements allow for the longitudinal datasets to be stored and accessed through the Australian Data Archive (ADA) based at the Centre for Social Research Methods at the Australian National University. The new arrangements are also consistent with the Australian Government’s open data agenda and its requirements regarding appropriate data governance including security, privacy and confidentiality.

The Studies

The National Centre for Longitudinal Data provides access to data from the following studies:

General Information

Fact Sheets

There are strict security and confidentiality protocols surrounding use of the data. Prospective users are required to complete a dataset application and read and sign a completed deed of licence.

Before applying for access to the DSS Longitudinal Surveys, you will need to familiarise yourself with the Fact Sheets. The Fact Sheets provide important information for data users and data managers regarding obligations under the deed of licence.

Cost per Release

Organisational Licence

  • $330 if in Australia (includes GST)
  • $330 if overseas (GST exempt)

Individual Licence

  • $77 if in Australia (includes GST)
  • $121 if overseas (GST exempt)

HILDA Cross National Equivalent File CNEF

  • US$125

Available versions of the data

General Release Data

The general release datasets are available to persons both in Australia and overseas. Please note that applications from overseas Honours and Masters students may also be considered for access to the data, but only under organisational licensing arrangements. Similarly, Australian Honours students will only be given access to the data under organisational licensing arrangements. All datasets contain the latest wave of data, as well as all previous waves and you can apply for more than one dataset using the same application form.

Unconfidentialised data

The unconfidentialised datasets are only available for Australian users and contain more detailed information than the general release dataset. For example, information such as date of birth and postcodes of residence are not included in the general release datasets. Other variables such as income and occupation may be top coded or transformed to ensure confidentiality is maintained. Only researchers with a demonstrated need will be given access to the unconfidentialised data.

Application Forms

All completed forms are to be sent to If your request is approved by the delegate, you will receive an approval notification from DSS.

Note: If you are a student, please be advised that your supervisor must also apply independently for the same level dataset.


Applicants must first check to see if their organisation has signed an Organisational Deed of Licence. A list of organisations, including their Delegates and Data Managers, is available on the Melbourne Institute website.

If your organisation has signed an Organisational Deed of Licence, please contact your Data Manager for a deed of confidentiality.

If your organisation has not signed an Organisational Deed of Licence, but wishes to do so, please email: for further information and a copy of the application form.


If your organisation does not have an Organisational Licence then you will need to complete an Individual Deed of Licence. These are listed below.

Individual Australian Researchers

Overseas Researchers

Geospatial data linkage

Data users may apply to have geospatial datasets linked to the LSAC dataset. To apply for data linkage, please complete the form below and send it to the LSAC team at

If you have any questions about the application process, please email the LSAC team at

For Assistance

If you have any questions about applying for the DSS longitudinal datasets, please email

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