Stillborn Baby Payment

The Stillborn Baby Payment is available for those families experiencing the loss of a stillborn child where Parental Leave Pay is not paid for that child.

The Stillborn Baby Payment may be paid to eligible families where:

  • the family’s income is $60,000 or less in the six month period beginning on the day of the stillbirth; or
  • where a family’s income exceeds $60,000 in the income test period, they are eligible for Family Tax Benefit Part A in the 52 week period beginning on the day of the stillbirth.

The amount of Stillborn Baby Payment is $2,001.50 for a first stillborn child or a stillborn child in a multiple birth and $1,000.50 for a subsequent stillborn child.

Stillborn Baby Payment is paid as a single lump sum.

More information

For more information about these payments, including eligibility and how to apply, please visit the Department of Human Services.

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