Received submissions

These submissions will be provided to external parties on request. When submissions are made available to external parties the author of the submission retains copyright. The Commonwealth does not take responsibility or accept liability for any breaches of the authors’ copyright or for the content of submissions.

Please note that this list does not include submissions that have been marked as confidential. Confidential submissions will not be released to any external party, except as required or authorised by law. If these submissions must be released as required or authorised by law the authors will be consulted before this happens. Further information on privacy.

The following submissions have been received for the Paid Parental Leave review:

Ms H. Aked-Hurditch
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Australian College of Midwives
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Australian Council of Trade Unions
Australian Education Union
Australian Federation of Employers and Industries
Australian Industry Group
Australian National Retailers Association (ANRA)
Australian Services Union
Ms L. Bartsch
BPW Australia
Business SA
Childcare Property Development Services Pty Ltd
Commissioner for Children and Young People Western Australia
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Diversity Council of Australia
Early Childhood Australia
Economic Security 4 Women
Family Voice Australia
Ms S. Ferrier
Ms J. Golland
Mr G. Hall
Independent Education Union
Jobwatch Inc.
Ms N. Lees
Ms L. Lemon
Ms S. McCurdy
National Council of Women of Australia Ltd
National Tertiary Education Union
Newcastle Trades Hall Council
Premier’s Council for Women South Australia
Police Federation of Australia
Public Service Association and Professional Officers Association Amalgamated Union of New South Wales
Ms K. Ravenscroft
Real Estate Institute of Australia
Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association
ThoughtWorks Australia Pty Ltd
Transport Worker’s Union of NSW
United Services Union
Victorian Legal Aid
Ms C. Williams
Women’s Electoral Lobby (Aust)
Women in Mining network in collaboration with the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Women in Super
Women Lawyers Association of NSW
Women on Boards

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