A guide to good practice wage determination

This Guide presents a view of what is considered good practice in terms of the development of wage assessment and determination processes in Business Services. The term 'good practice' is chosen deliberately. The research team responsible for reviewing wage determination processes considers that no single model currently in operation represents best practice. Until such a system is developed, this Guide serves to assist Business Service interest groups in developing, refining and evaluating wage determination systems.

The Guide aims to assist Business Services, peak body groups and industrial relations organisations to identify the extent to which organisational wage assessment processes comply with relevant legislation and standards. It also serves as a 'checklist' for those Business Services reviewing current practice, developing new assessment processes or negotiating enterprise agreements by highlighting the key issues that need to be considered in developing a fair, equitable and compliant system of wage determination.

It is further proposed that the guide is made available to Industrial Relations Commissioners around the country, to promote a consistent assessment process in the review of enterprise agreement submissions.

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