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Disability Reform Council

The Council of Australian Governments Disability Reform Council (the Council) provides a forum for member Governments to discuss matters of mutual interest and progress key national reform in disability policy including the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The Council oversees both the implementation of the NDIS and also a broad range of reforms that are implemented through the National Disability Agreement and the National Disability Strategy to support people with disability, their families and carers.

Council Members

The Council is chaired by the Commonwealth Minister responsible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and consists of Commonwealth, State and Territory Ministers within disability and treasury portfolios.

List of Disability Reform Council Members

Terms of Reference for the Council

Disability Reform Council Terms of Reference

Communiqués from Council Meetings

Communiqué 11 May 2020 – disability ministers meeting

Communiqué 9 April 2020

Communiqué 18 March 2020

Communiqué 13 December 2019

Communiqué 9 October 2019

Communiqué 28 June 2019

Communiqué 10 December 2018

Communiqué 30 April 2018

Communiqué 20 November 2017

Communiqué 16 June 2017

Communiqué 3 March 2017

Communiqué 5 December 2016

Communiqué 2 September 2016

Communiqué 4 March 2016

Communiqué 13 November 2015

Communiqué 24 April 2015

Communiqué 12 December 2014

Communiqué 19 September 2014

Communiqué 21 March 2014

Communiqué 18 December 2013

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