Carer Gateway Research

From early June to August 2015, Australian Market Research Australia (AMR) conducted consumer research to inform development of Carer Gateway and the Integrated Plan for Carer Support Services (the Plan).

Specifically, the purpose of the consumer research was to:

  • identify and understand the different types of carers (characteristics, demographics, attitudes and behaviour) and their experiences accessing information and support services;
  • assist in understanding the ‘hidden carer’ population, who they are, and how they can be reached;
  • scope existing information available to carers;
  • understand and capture carer information and support wants, needs and expectations;
  • identify services carers are currently accessing and services that are needed but not currently available;
  • identify service channel preferences;
  • determine the most effective communication channels for reaching our target market; and
  • inform website content development, information structure, branding and communication considerations.


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