Carer Gateway

Developed specifically for carers, Carer Gateway helps carers access practical information and advice and connect with services in their local area. From July 2019, new digital services will be available on the Carer Gateway website including:

  • digital counselling services to help carers manage daily challenges, reduce stress and strain, and plan for the future
  • online peer support, connecting carers with other carers for knowledge and experience sharing, emotional support and mentoring
  • online coaching resources with simple techniques and strategies for goal-setting and future planning
  • educational resources to increase skills and knowledge of carers relating to specific caring situations, to build confidence and improve wellbeing.

These new online services have been designed and tested in consultation with carers and the sector.

Carer Gateway includes a website and phone service to assist carers to locate their nearest support services.

Carers can visit or call the professional, Australian based team on 1800 422 737 Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm.

Carer Gateway provides information about services and support available for people who care for someone with disability, chronic illness, dementia, mental illness or who are frail aged.

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