Disability Employment Framework Consultation

The Australian Government wants to get more people with disability into jobs. We see a future where people with disability, like other Australians, can enjoy the economic and social gains work brings.

The need for change

Only 52.9 per cent of the 2.2 million people with disability who are of working age, are in the workforce or actively looking for work. This compares to a workforce participation rate of 82.5 per cent for people without disability.

It is clear our service systems could be improved. Only one-third of people assisted by Disability Employment Services achieve an effective employment outcome.

Disability Employment Taskforce

The Disability Employment Taskforce was established to review the entire disability employment system and develop a new National Disability Employment Framework to boost employment rates for people with disability.

In line with the philosophy of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the new Framework will be designed to deliver better choice and control to people with disability. It will also focus on meeting employer needs and future market directions. 

Consultation process

Round one

The first round of consultation was carried out in May and June 2015. An Issues Paper was developed to encourage discussion about the disability employment system and public forums were held across Australia with people with disability, their families and carers, service providers, employers and peak bodies.

A number of public forums were held which provided an opportunity to discuss what is and isn’t working in the current system and find ways to improve the current approach.

For a summary of the first round of consultation, please see the report on the Engage website.

Round two

Building on the principles and feedback from the first round of consultation, a Discussion Paper has been developed outlining more detailed policy proposals for the new Framework, and will be used as the basis of a second round of consultation.

Information sessions will be conducted in each capital city that will present the findings from the first round of consultation; provide an overview of the Discussion Paper; and encourage feedback on the policy proposals through an online survey.  The survey will remain open until 7 December 2015.

We want to hear from people with disability, their families and carers, service providers, employers and peak bodies to explore ways to improve disability employment in Australia.

Information sessions will be held around Australia starting on 19 November 2015, in the following locations:

City Date
Perth 19 November 2015
Adelaide 20 November 2015
Brisbane 24 November 2015
Sydney 25 November 2015
Hobart 26 November 2015
Darwin 26 November 2015
Canberra 27 November 2015
Melbourne 30 November 2015

The Discussion Paper, survey and full details of the information sessions, including registration, are available on the Engage website.

Useful Resources

A flyer and a draft newsletter article are available on the second round of consultation process. Organisations are invited to use these resources for distribution where appropriate.

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