Young Carers Respite and Information Services

About the activity

The Young Carers Respite and Information Services (Young Carers) activity assists young carers who need support to complete their secondary education, or the vocational equivalent, due to the demands of their caring role.

The activity has two components:

  • Respite services (comprised of direct and indirect respite): This component assists young carers who need support to complete their secondary education. It is delivered by the national network of Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres (CRCCs).
    • Direct respite is care of the care recipient provided in the home or alternative accommodation to give the young carer ‘time off’.
    • Indirect respite provides services that give the young carer a ‘respite effect’ and support their continuing education, such as domestic assistance, transport, tutoring, activities during school holidays, social support (e.g. access to sporting groups), material support (e.g. school books and uniforms), peer support, skill development. (e.g. cooking, budgeting) and mentoring.
  • Information services: This component is available to all young carers up to and including 25 years old.  It is delivered by Carers Australia and the network of state and territory-based Carers Associations.  The component provides access to information, advice and referral services, including referral to counselling, to support young carers to manage the challenges they face as part of their caring role.

Funding for the activity in 2014-15 is $8.2 million.

Intersection with the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Direct respite services provided under the Young Carers activity will transition into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as the scheme rolls out.  Direct respite services for young carers in NDIS launch sites must be accessed by their care recipients through the NDIS.  For more information visit the NDIS website.

More information

Further information about respite services is available from CRCCs on 1800 052 222.
For information, referral and advice services, phone Carers Australia on 1800 242 636 or visit the Young Carers website.

A Young Carers Information sheet is also available:

This has been translated into the following community languages:

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