National Disability Strategy Initiatives

This banner shows three images of people with disability participating in community activities such as the interaction between a little boy with a disability and his family in a playground, a young man with a disability on a sail boat, and a young man with a disability doing boxing training with his personal trainer.

In 2010-11, the Australian Government committed $11 million to an accessibility package of initiatives to support people with disability and their carers to participate in community life as part of the National Disability Strategy. While most initiatives have been completed, the Liveable Housing Design Initiative provides ongoing guidance for the residential design and construction industry.

What are the initiatives under the National Disability Strategy?

  • Accessible Communities Program
    The Australian Government provided $5 million in 2010-11 for grants of up to $100,000 to local governments with matched funding to make local buildings and public spaces more accessible for people with disability so they can fully participate in the community.

  • Cinema Access Implementation Plan
    The Australian Government provided $470,000 in 2010-14 to assist Australia’s four major cinema chains for the rollout of accessible technology to improve cinema accessibility for people who are Deaf or hearing impaired, blind or vision impaired.

  • Increasing Accessibility Library Initiative
    As part of the accessible communities package to support the National Disability Strategy, the Australian Government provided one-off funding of $1 million in 2010–11 for the provision of playback devices to improve access to print material in a digital format for people with print disability at selected public libraries across the country.

  • Leaders for Tomorrow
    The Australian Government provided $3 million in 2011–14 for the Leaders for Tomorrow national program which provided up to 12 months of leadership support to 200 people with disability over four years. By linking participants with appropriate training, support and mentoring, the program helped people with disability developed the skills and confidence to become leaders in business, the community and government.

  • Liveable Housing Design initiative
    The Livable Housing Design guidelines were launched on 13 July 2010 and provide awareness within the residential design and construction industry and governments about the benefits of incorporating universal design principles into new housing. Universal housing design is housing that meets the needs of all people at various stages of their lives, including people with a disability and senior Australians.

  • Ramp Up website
    The Australian Government provided over $1 million in 2010-12 to establish a web gateway for coverage of disability issues in partnership with the ABC. Ramp Up was dedicated to discussion, news, debate, humour and general information for everyone in Australia’s disability communities. The website featured columns from people with a wide range of disabilities and stories on the disability community by people who know the community best.

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