Australian Government contribution to certification costs

Certification costs are market driven, so each certification body will charge according to their standard commercial rates.

The Australian Government makes a contribution to your quality assurance audit costs. The amount paid for both certification and surveillance costs is based on the number of outlets to be audited by your certification body, which is a sample of the total number of outlets within your organisation.

The contribution payment is made by the Department, via direct debit into a bank account nominated by your organisation, on receipt of a copy of the audit report prepared by the certification body. No action is required by your organisation to obtain the contribution payment.

The table below sets out the certification and surveillance payments (please note: while these amounts are correct at the time of printing, they may change over time. Please check with your contract manager).

The payment amount for organisations with more than 10 outlets increases according to the number of outlets.

Your organisation may also be eligible for an additional payment if one (or more) of your audited outlets falls into one of the Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA) categories of moderately accessible, remote and very remote.

Total number of outlets within
organisation (including Head Office)
Certification payment (excluding GST) Surveillance payment (excluding GST)
1 $7,500 $3,750
2 $9,000 $4,750
3 $10,500 $5,750
4 $10,500 $5,750
5 $10,500 $5,750
6 $12,000 $6,750
7 $12,000 $6,750
8 $12,000 $6,750
9 $12,000 $6,750
10 $12,000 $6,750

Remoteness and accessibility values are determined by the road distance to service centres of more than 5,000 in population:

  • a payment of $2,000 (excluding GST) will be made for each rural and remote outlet audited during certification audits
  • a payment of $1,500 (excluding GST) will be made for each rural and remote outlet audited during surveillance audits.


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