Transitioning program

This program is transitioning into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Please visit the HCWA and Better Start pages for more information about receiving future supports.

Tessa Taylor, PhD, BCBA-D

Address: 30 Berson Court, Munster, WA 6166
Phone: 0402 739 252
Email: (link sends e-mail)

The above link is for your convenience. It provides information about this service provider. The Department does not necessarily endorse all of the contents in this link as it may provide information about therapies that the Department has deemed ineligible for HCWA funding, i.e. there is insufficient evidence to prove that these therapies are of benefit to children with ASD. Families should make informed choices about the therapies they wish to purchase and enquire about those that are eligible and ineligible for HCWA funding.

Fee Schedule for Tessa Taylor, PhD, BCBA-D
Intervention Domains Provider and Delivery Location Early Intervention Professional/s Delivering Service/s Name and Description of Intervention/Service DURATION Cost

Language and communication development

Social development and interaction

Repetitive behaviour and/or restricted interests

Mobile, Australia-wide Psychology, Behaviour Analysis

Pediatric Feeding Disorders:

  • Gastrostomy (G-Tube) or nasogastric (NG-Tube) tube dependence
  • Liquid dependence (formula, bottle)
  • Underweight/poor growth

Inappropriate mealtime behavior (tantrums, crying/screaming, turning head, covering mouth, hitting the spoon/cup, throwing food/utensils, spitting out food, holding food in mouth without

  • swallowing, aggression, self-injury) and long mealtimes
  • Gagging, coughing, vomiting
  • Selectivity (“picky”/”fussy” eaters): Not eating foods from all food groups (protein, starch, vegetable, fruit) separately, eating only snack/junk foods, only eating food at certain temperatures, prepared/presented a certain way, of specific brands/certain colors, or in certain receptacles/utensils
  • Not drinking from an open cup or feeding self age-appropriately
  • Not drinking liquids such as water and milk
  • Eating only mashed or blended foods/textures, difficulty chewing/swallowing

Only eating in certain settings (e.g., home), at certain times, or with certain people (e.g., Mum)

Assessment and Treatment Services. Intensity (e.g., number of hours/days) varies depending on severity and progress. Includes multiple consecutive all day (e.g., 8 hour) sessions.

Per hour; Variable $200

Please note that there may be cancellation and/or other fees associated with some services. For more information please contact the service provider as these are not covered by the early intervention funding under the Helping Children with Autism package.

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