Transitioning program

This program is transitioning into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Please visit the HCWA and Better Start pages for more information about receiving future supports.

ABAlink Early Intervention Services

Address: Suite 1/ Level 3, 5-9 Devlin Street, RYDE NSW 2112
Phone 02 9411 4618   

The above link is for your convenience. It provides information about this service provider. The Department does not necessarily endorse all of the contents in this link as it may provide information about therapies that the Department has deemed ineligible for HCWA funding, i.e. there is insufficient evidence to prove that these therapies are of benefit to children with ASD. Families should make informed choices about the therapies they wish to purchase and enquire about those that are eligible and ineligible for HCWA funding.

Consortium Members and/or Delivery Locations

Name:  Kaleidoscope Network
Mobile: 0411 848 137
Delivery Address:

Name:  Cherished Minds Child & Psychology Services
Phone: 02 9822 8630
Delivery Address: 46 Rose St, Liverpool NSW 2170

Name:  Gloria Clark Speech Pathology
Phone: (02) 4226 1947
Mobile: 0413 464 382
Delivery Address: 29/71-83 Smith Street, WOLLONGONG   NSW   2500


Fee Schedule for ABAlink Early Intervention Services
Eligible Intervention Type/s Provider and Delivery Location Multidisciplinary Team Name and Description of Intervention/Service duration Cost
Behavioural; Developmental/Social Learning; Therapy-based Cherished Minds Child & Psychology Services
Liverpool NSW
Trainee Therapist
Consultation and assessment to determine goals for skill acquisition and behavioural program/school observation to determine school based goals and behaviour intervention. 1 hour $160
Regular team meetings, ongoing assessment/evaluation process involving parents, client and therapy team. 1 hour $160

One on one home therapy or school shadowing. Individual or school based therapy to implement program or pre-determined goals and behaviour intervention.

1 hour $80
Developmental/Social Learning; Therapy-based; Family-based     Therapist training provided by a Psychologist. Clients program manager. Train therapist in all areas regarding the childs program or school shadowing. 1 hour $110
Parent/teacher training. Regarding all areas of the clients program/school based goals provided by a psychologist/client program manager. 1 hour $160
Including an initial assessment. 10-2hr parent and/or teacher training sessions are conducted. Goals are determined and training provided on individualised behaviour and skill acquisition interventions. These sessions may be in addition to or as an alternative to an ongoing Early Intervention Program 1 hour $110
Behavioural; Developmental/Social Learning; Therapy-based; Family-based Gloria Clark Speech Pathology at 29/71-83 Smith Street, WOLLONGONG   NSW   2500 Speech Pathologist

1:1 Speech, language and social communication assessment and therapy

Assessment or Program Review including Report for the purpose of therapy planning (up to 2 hrs + report)
Program $380
Program Review including Report for the purpose of therapy planning (up to 1 hr + report)



Intervention and family/support worker training


1 hour


45 mins $120
30 mins $86
Behavioural; Therapy-based; Family-based ABAlink Early Intervention Services at Suite 1/ Level 3, 5-9 Devlin Street, RYDE NSW 2112

Child/Special Educator
Trainee Therapist

Family Parent Training Workshops -
A comprehensive workshop to teach Parents/Carers behaviour management, strategies and educational intervention. Parent and therapist training regarding effective techniques for managing behaviours and developing new skills (22 hrs).


Session $450
The supply of Junior and Senior Therapists: One on one therapy in child's home or pre-school setting to implement the ABA Program. 1 hour $37.50 - $74/hour based on experience and accreditation.

Assessments and Report

Session $550
Occupational Therapist

Program Development

Session $550

Please note that there may be cancellation and/or other fees associated with some services. For more information please contact the service provider as these are not covered by the early intervention funding under the Helping Children with Autism package.

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