ABA Materials Pty Ltd 

Address: 7 Dufton Court, Greenvale VIC 3059 
Phone: 03 9333 4546 
Fax: 03 9333 4554 
Email: abanow@hotmail.com
Website: www.helpingtogrow.com

The above link is for your convenience. It provides information about this service provider. The Department does not necessarily endorse all of the contents in this link as it may provide information about therapies that the Department has deemed ineligible for HCWA funding, i.e. there is insufficient evidence to prove that these therapies are of benefit to children with ASD. Families should make informed choices about the therapies they wish to purchase and enquire about those that are eligible and ineligible for HCWA funding.

Consortium Members and/or Delivery Locations

Name: Spring into Action
Phone: 0437 194 238
Delivery Address: Canterbury Street, Flemington and MOTA, 1014 Lygon Street, North Carlton VIC

Name: Speak.Learn.Communicate
Phone: 0410 144 199
Delivery Address: 46 Robb Street, Essendon VIC 3040

Fee Schedule for ABA Materials Pty Ltd
Intervention Domains Delivery Location Profession Service Duration Total Cost
Behavioural ABA Materials Pty Ltd at Clinics, Homes, School, Kinder Psychologist Applied Behaviour Analysis (clinic) Hour $185
Applied Behaviour Analysis (home/school/kinder visit) Hour $210
Therapy-based Spring into Action at Clinics, Home, School, Kinder Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapy Assessment Session $300-400
Occupational Therapy - clinic Hour $130
Occupational Therapy - visit Hour $160
Family-based Spring into Action at Canterbury Street Stables, Flemington Early Childhood Educator Parent-Child Group (10 week term) Term $600
Developmental/Social Learning Spring into Action at Canterbury Street Stables, Flemington Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapy Group (10 week term) Term $400
  Speak.Learn.Communicate Speech Pathology Initial Assessment -
  • 2x1 hour in-room session
  • Phone consultations
  • 1x30 minute parent/carer in-room feedback session
  • Report
Standard Individual Treatment Session-
  • 1 hour in-room session
1 hour $128
Out-of-room Consultation -
  • Childcare, Kindergarten, School meetings
Hour $150

Please note that there may be cancellation and/or other fees associated with some services. For more information please contact the service provider as these are not covered by the early intervention funding under the Helping Children with Autism package.

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