Carer Stories

Discover what it means to really care

A carer’s work, often unseen and unacknowledged, can be truly remarkable.  The following videos will introduce you to people who dedicate their lives to caring. These carers have provided a glimpse into their lives so that others can learn a little more about what carers in Australia contribute on a daily basis.

Len’s Story 

Len lives in an Aboriginal community outside of Warnambool in Victoria and cares for his daughter Lurpeen.

Courtney’s Story 

Courtney and her brother are young carers for their mother. Courtney juggles her caring role with school and part-time work.

Rose and Jemasyn’s story 

Jemasyn and Rose talk about the importance of recognising and supporting young carers in the classroom.

Dianne’s Story 

Dianne shares her experiences caring for her daughter Lauren who has autism.

Martin’s Story

Martin has had to stop work so that he can care for his wife Maggie and their children.

Sofie’s Story 

Sofie balances caring for both her mother and her daughter Deanne.

Eleanor and Mary’s story 

Eleanor and Mary discuss the benefits of a collaborative approach to the care of Eleanor's father at the Smorgan Family Nursing Home.

Naomi’s Care Aware Workplace 

John and Naomi from Parks Victoria describe the importance of supporting carers in the workplace.

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