Community Development Financial Institutions Pilot Evaluation

Aim of publication

This report, prepared by Westwood Spice, outlines the results of the independent evaluation of the effectiveness of the Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) pilot.

Who is it for?

This report is for government policy makers, service providers and interested stakeholders.

What does it cover?

The objective of the evaluation was to assess the extent to which the objectives of the pilot were achieved with particular reference to three key evaluation questions:

  • How effective were the CDFIs in increasing the ability of disadvantaged individuals to gain access to appropriate credit?
  • Was the demand for appropriate financial products and services best met by CDFIs?
  • What mechanisms and barriers did the CDFIs face in gaining access to capital?

The evaluation draws on data collected through quarterly performance reports, surveys of clients, workshops and interviews with CDFIs, investors and key not-for-profit organisations and a review of Australian and international literature.

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