Community Investment Program – projects approved for 2011-12 to 2013-14 funding in Western Australia

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Community Investment Program 2011-12 to 2013-14: WA
Organisation Name Project Name
Total funding
2011-12 to 2013-14
Project Description Phone

Community Arts Network Western Australia Ltd

CANWA Voices of the Wheatbelt


The project assists with skills development and provides opportunities to encourage families and communities of the Wheatbelt to be more self‑reliant. The project supports individuals to get involved in community life through local volunteering, mentoring or training to build leadership skills. The project also focuses on strengthening and harmonising relationships within families and between Indigenous and non‑Indigenous communities.

08 9226 2422

Gnuraren Aboriginal Corporation

Busselton Kaaka Baaka Leadership Project


The project assists young people to become leaders and positive role models and to lessen anti-social activities that are negatively impacting on families and the wider community. The project delivers programs that equip young people with the knowledge, skills and support to become active members of the Busselton community. The project is run in six participating schools in Busselton.

08 9754 3607

Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre Aboriginal Corporation

Yiriman Project


The Yiriman Project based in Fitzroy Crossing aims to facilitate and strengthen relationships between Indigenous women and families across four language groups in the West Kimberley region. The project aims to reinforce the legitimacy of senior family and community leadership. The project supports young women by linking with elders through workshops that map families, provide cultural education and back to country trips, and present young people with examples of positive life choices.

08 9193 0099

Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre

Leadership Development for New and Emerging Community Groups


The project provides leadership training programs in Mirrabooka and Clarkson for young people from across the metropolitan area. The project promotes self‑awareness and encourages young people to develop productive ways to address issues faced by their community.

08 9345 5755

St Clare's School

St Clare's Mentor Project


The project provides support, role modelling and community experiences to disadvantaged school students at St Clare’s in Lathlain. The project assists young women to build social skills and increase their educational and occupational opportunity through a mentoring program.

08 9470 5711


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