Community Investment Program – projects approved for 2010-11 funding in Victoria

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Organisation Name Project Name Funding Project Description Phone
Anglicare Victoria Boys Will Be Men $87,125 The project supports boys and young men aged nine to eighteen years of age in Lilydale, Healesville and Wooriallock, who have no consistent positive adult male contact, to develop strong guiding relationships with adult volunteers. It facilitates and supports mentoring relationships, provides accredited training for volunteer mentors, and delivers group activities and counselling support. 03 9412 6103
Arabic Welfare Inc Arabic Speaking Families Learning Together in Moreland $41,000 The project strengthens the parenting skills of Arabic speaking parents of 'at risk' adolescents in the City of Moreland.  It provides training and workshops in family management, effective parenting, leadership, relationship skills and communication.  It also connects adolescents and families to community organisations. 03 9380 9346
Australian Vietnamese Women's Association Vietnamese Families Learning Together: Intergenerational Parallel Learning Program $102,500 The project builds effective parenting skills and resilience among Vietnamese families in the Cities of Yarra and Maribyrnong.  Activities include culturally appropriate playgroups, early childhood development workshops, parent support groups and linkages with Vietnamese media and early childhood services. 03 9428 9078
Ballarat Community Health Planning Opportunities and Delivering Service $112,750 The project enables young parents in the City of Ballarat to access a range of services that support them to continue or resume education or training.  It provides life skills and relationship programs, financial counselling and referrals to service providers, including childcare, playgroups, pre and post-natal support for young parents, and psychiatric services. 03 5338 4500
Balmoral Bush Nursing Centre Inc Access and Advocacy Locally $25,625 The project provides a range of services to improve the mental and physical health of families in Balmoral.  It conducts supportive, inclusive activities that provide practical assistance, such as financial and family counselling, farm management and a playgroup. 03 5570 1304
Berry Street Victoria Inc - Morwell Office Happening Families Latrobe City $107,625 The project strengthens families and the community in Morwell by building parenting and relationship skills, coordinating referral pathways and encouraging community engagement.  It conducts structured support programs for young parents, facilitates peer support and education sessions, and connects participants to social and family events.  A supported playgroup is also provided. 03 5134 5971
Bethany Community Support Inc Leaps and Bounds - Parents and Kids in Schools $82,000 The project develops family relationships skills through greater involvement, participation and leadership by parents with children attending the Corio Bay and Whittington Primary Schools.  It conducts a series of structured family activities and events, implements a parent engagement audit and facilitates activities in relation to the gaps identified. 03 5278 8122
Bonnie Doon Community Group Inc Bonnie Doon Rural Mentor Project $22,189 The project strengthens the Boonie Doon community by welcoming new residents and helping them to develop social networks.  It provides training and support for mentors to assist upper primary and secondary school students. 03 5778 7722
Brophy Family and Youth Services Inc Warrnambool Families and Schools Together Project $25,625 The project builds the resilience of 'at risk' youth in Warnambool and enhances relationships between young people and their parents.  It conducts family activities to connect young people with adults, community bonding games to foster local community capacity and multi-family activities implemented by parents. 03 5561 8888
Christians Helping In Primary Schools What a Difference A Day Makes in Casey $28,136 The project works to reconnect disadvantaged children and families in the City of Casey with peers and significant others through relationship building activities.  These include outings for families, 'Sailability' programs for primary school aged students, and volunteer training and seminars for parents, teachers and community workers. 03 9702 5528
Cobaw Community Health Services Limited Building Supportive Communities for Young Families $76,875 The project increases self-reliance and helps families in the Shire of Macedon Ranges to develop social support networks.  It conducts a range of parenting and relationship education activities and mentoring programs, and provides opportunities for community development. 03 5421 1625
Corio Bay Senior College Child Care Centre Inc Corio Bay Young Families Centre $82,000 The project helps young families in Corio to improve their lives through coordinated and integrated health, family and education services offered on-site at the Senior College.  It conducts parent support programs and young family playgroups, facilitates access to parent education and information, and encourages community networking activities. 03 5275 6843
Drummond Street Relationship Centre Kuusa Community Connection Project $94,172 The project responds to the needs of African-Australians in Carlton and North Melbourne in a culturally appropriate manner, empowering their communities to be self-sustaining.  It provides a supportive environment that promotes education, health, social connection and safety through services and programs delivered in collaboration with community-based health and welfare agencies. 03 9663 6733
Gateway Community Health Limited Connecting Young Parents $133,250 The project facilitates links between young parents and the community within the Albury/Wodonga region.  It strengthens connections between young parents and local services, as well as conducting social and learning groups for young parents, including an Indigenous Playgroup. 02 6022 8803
Gippsland East Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN) Plan It Youth $53,751 The project supports mentoring relationships between young people and adult volunteers to help young people to become more resilient, identify personal goals and remain in education or training in the Shire of East Gippsland.  It recruits, trains and supports a pool of volunteer mentors to work with young people from four schools in East Gippsland. 03 5153 1745
Glastonbury Child and Family Services Colac Learning in Conjunction with Kids (CLICK) $75,338 The project strengthens and supports families and communities in Colac by facilitating and coordinating integrated family service delivery. It trains and supports parent mentors, as well as providing in-home and group based parenting and support programs. A supported playgroup is also conducted as part of the activities. 03 5222 6911
Good Beginnings Australia Limited Doveton Connect $63,550 The project supports children and families in the Doveton area by helping them to develop social networks and facilitating access to support.  It improves health, educational and social outcomes for preschool aged children and their parents. 02 9215 3775
Good Beginnings Australia Limited Latrobe Early Years Centre $128,125 The project supports parents of children under the age of eight in the City of Latrobe and enhances parenting skills within families experiencing difficulties.  It provides playgroups, telephone support and referrals to other local services. 02 9215 3775
Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service Inc Step Out $97,375 The project provides support to young parents who are socially isolated and living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods within the City of Brimbank.  It works to improve their parenting and relationship skills, build resilience and enhance connections to their local community. 03 9364 3200
Islamic Women's Welfare Council of Victoria Inc Cornerstones $76,875 The project supports Muslim women and men in Northern Metropolitan Melbourne to develop their skills in parenting, communication, conflict resolution and relationships.  It facilitates integration into the local community through group sessions, workshops and radio programs that focus on capacity development and referrals to existing support services. 03 9481 3000
Jesuit Social Services Community Futures Project $55,350 The project improves accessibility and communication between the CALD communities living in the high rise public housing in the City of Yarra and the local community.  Residents are trained to act as cross-cultural communicators, liaison officers and cultural guides within the communities. 03 9415 8700
Kilmany Uniting Care Building Stronger Families $107,625 The project provides early childhood development programs for parents and children in the Shire of Wellington, including three playgroups, and supports and develops behaviour management and social skills for families.  It also provides programs that engage fathers and build parent support networks, and encourages family engagement through activities organised in partnership with schools 03 5662 5150
Kilmany Uniting Care Young People Beating Adversity $107,625 The project supports children and young people in the East Gippsland Shire through early childhood development programs and family engagement activities conducted in collaboration with schools.  It also facilitates part-time employment opportunities for young people in partnership with local employment and training agencies. 03 5662 5150
Kilmany Uniting Care Re-Engaging Families $107,625 The project builds community capacity and resilience to provide children in the South Gippsland and Bass Coast Shires with a better start in life and improve preschool attendance.  It delivers programs that engage fathers and assist in the development of parent support networks.  It also conducts family activities in partnership with schools. 03 5662 5150
Latrobe City Trust Moe Heights Literacy Project $66,625 The project focuses on developing the literacy skills of children and building stronger ties between families, children, preschool and primary school teachers in Moe by providing information and mentoring opportunities, and a facilitated playgroup.  It aims to develop parenting and communication skills, as well as raise awareness about how parents influence the educational experiences of their children. 03 5128 5603
MacKillop Family Services Pathways for Culturally Diverse Parenting A Community Development Approach $82,000 The project addresses social isolation for recently arrived families in Flemington, Footscray and Ascot Vale.  It assists them to adjust to parenting in a new culture through the development and support of four Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) playgroups and parenting groups. 03 9680 8400
Mallee Sustainable Farming Inc Mallee Sustainable Farming Drought Support $153,750 The project builds capacity by improving access to support systems and services, and encourages community networks for farmers in the Mallee Region in Victoria.  Activities include health and well-being education programs, and development of local initiatives and business management opportunities to link with income sustainability projects.  03 5022 1859
Melbourne Citymission Inc Hobson's Bay Young Parent Group (HBYPG) $66,625 The project improves the self-confidence, communication skills, health and well-being of young parents in the City of Hobsons Bay, through activities focused on positive parenting and personal growth.  It provides education, training and employment programs, developmental playgroups and information sessions on such topics as child development, child safety, infant and parental health and relationships.  03 9687 4997
Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne) Limited Eastern Melbourne Parenting and Relationship Skills for Multicultural Families $97,375 The project provides assistance to families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds living in Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne particularly refugee and Chinese speaking families.  It conducts support programs for parents and children that focus on building self-esteem and improving their emotional well-being. 03 9285 4888
Parent-Infant Research Institute Inc Happiness, Understanding, Giving and Sharing (HUGS) Playgroup Project $30,750 The project assists mothers with post-natal depression in Northern Metropolitan Melbourne to re-establish relationships with their babies, partners and families, and to enhance the quality of family life.  It provides a specialised program for women, their infants and partners, conducted in playgroups at Maternal and Child Health Centres. 03 9496 4009
Peninsula Health Frankston Community Kitchens $123,000 The project works with community organisations in the City of Frankston to improve the overall health and wellbeing of its participants, their families and the wider community.  It provides opportunities for socially isolated and disadvantaged people to develop social networks, while engaging in educational activities. 03 9784 8582
Southern Family Life Services Inc Creating Capable Communities – Leading and Learning $102,500 The project builds community capacity by providing training, mentoring and support programs that encourage residents in the City of Kingston to become local leaders and volunteers.  It also extends the capability of residents to plan and implement neighbourhood programs for parents and children, and to develop resources so that the program can be delivered and replicated in other communities.  03 9598 8820
Southern Mental Health Association Talking Realities $56,375 The project provides opportunities for young parents in the City of Kingston to enhance their skills and improve future outcomes.  It delivers educational information sessions and a weekly playgroup to assist with the development of social support networks, parenting skills and self-confidence. 03 9585 5677
Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre Inc Parenting in a New Culture: Parenting Programs for African Refugee Families $133,250 The project builds community resilience, increases the parenting capacity for African refugee families living in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne and empowers them to face challenges in raising their children in a new cultural, social and educational environment.  It provides bilingual education sessions, parenting workshops and home visits, as well as facilitating access to local service providers. 03 9496 0221
Springvale Community Aid and Advice Bureau Inc Volunteering Gateways to Inclusion for Diverse Disadvantaged Greater Dandenong Communities $61,500 The project works to increase the number of volunteers from CALD and refugee backgrounds in Springvale.  It recruits and trains participants in skills such as community development or administration, provides supervised on the job training by qualified staff, and creates opportunities for volunteers to undertake accredited training. 03 9549 5240
The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (Victoria) Mother Safe - Child Safe $46,125 The project improves strategies for pregnant women, new mothers and young mothers in the City of Stonnington, particularly those experiencing domestic violence, to ensure their child's safety by providing early intervention and prevention education programs.  It also offers therapeutic support groups for women, a weekly playgroup and facilitates access to community support services. 03 3251 5666
The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (Victoria) Growing an Inclusive Neighbourhood in Craigieburn $75,850 The project assists the development of social networks and facilitates access to services that enhance parenting and relationship skills for families in Craigieburn and Roxburgh Park.  It conducts activities for families such as playgroups, music classes, information sessions, and parenting and support groups. 03 9307 1355
Try Youth and Community Services Mothers Network of Melton $23,063 The project reduces the risk of social isolation and inherent associated problems, such as postnatal depression.  It encourages positive family integration and participation in the Shire of Melton community by providing a support network for women. 03 9347 2655
Victorian Arabic Social Services Inc Arabic Speaking Family Strengthening $82,000 The project supports Arabic speaking families in the North Western and South Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne through playgroups and programs that develop their parenting and relationship skills, and build social networks.  It encourages socialisation across the community, refers them to local services and raises awareness of the issues facing Arabic speaking families. 03 9309 0055
Wedderburn Community House Inc In Wedderburn - Together We Are Strong $51,250 The project works to increase self-esteem, resilience, and personal and family growth in the Wedderburn community.  It creates opportunities for the community to enhance their skills and develop social networks through workshops, information sessions and other activities. 03 5494 3489


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