Community Investment Program – projects approved for 2010-11 funding in Tasmania

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Organisation Name Project Name Funding Project Description Phone
Break O'Day Health Resource Association Inc Building Blocks Project $104,136 The project provides an early childhood and family support mobile outreach service for Break O'Day Municipality and Bicheno in the Glamorgan-Spring Bay Municipality.  It works to develop a best practice model for rural and remote regions.  A play and learn activity is also provided. 03 6376 5242
Bridgewater Police & Citizens Youth Club Inc Families and Community Together $40,641 The project works to improve the strength and resilience of families through formal and informal activities in the Gagebrook and the Bridgewater region.  The coordinated activities provide support, information, advocacy and referrals for families. 03 6263 5277
Colony 47 Inc Communities Supporting Families $108,430 The project aims to strengthen relationships between children, parents/carers and families, schools and the community in the greater Glenorchy and Clarence Municipalities.  The opportunity to explore these relationships is created through facilitated group activities at local primary schools. 03 6222 1518
Dunalley Neighbourhood House Inc The Tasman SEPS Project $98,881 The project increases family and community capacity by encouraging participation in community life through organised activities to reduce social isolation in the South East region of Tasmania. Supported playgroup activities are conducted in locations such as Nubeena and Dunalley. 03 6250 2118
King Island Council King Island SELF Project $69,262 The project is available to all residents of King Island.  The range of the project activities is dependent on community needs and include providing a link to social inclusion, health information and up skilling to achieve positive well-being outcomes. 03 6462 1746
Migrant Resource Centre (Northern Tasmania) Inc CALD Family Initiatives $104,051 The project provides support to settling and newly emerging communities in the North and North West regions of Tasmania, including Devonport and Launceston. This project aims to build capacity in the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) community groups with respect to parenting, family relationship and accessing mainstream services. 03 6332 2211
Migrant Resource Centre (Southern Tasmania) Inc Families in Cultural Transition Group Project $22,192 The project works to develop an effective early intervention program. It strengthens family functioning, builds community capacity and develops capable family and community networks for new and emerging communities in Hobart. 03 6234 9411
The Salvation Army (Tasmania) Property Trust Parenting Partners Promoting Positive Parenting $174,653 The project provides a range of activities to enhance effective parenting knowledge and skills, encourage community involvement through volunteering, provide pathways for "at risk" families and facilitate links to employment in the Clarence and Glenorchy Municipalities. Facilitated playgroup activities are conducted. 03 6278 7184
Youth and Family Focus Inc Focus on Families $93,972 The project supports communities in the Mersey Leven area including Devonport, East Devonport, LaTrobe and Railton.  A broad range of services and initiatives encourage participation, build individual skills and support the development of positive family relationships and social functioning.  03 6423 6635


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