Community Investment Program – projects approved for 2010-11 funding in Australian Capital Territory

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Organisation Name Project Name Funding Project Description Phone
Alcohol and Drug Foundation of the ACT Inc Early Birds and Supporting Families and Children At Risk in a Therapeutic Environment $263,681 The project improves social outcomes for parents in the ACT who have been identified as having substance use problems and develops the social capacity of their children through playgroups. It improves parenting skills and provides opportunities for children to access appropriate resources and support to enhance family capacity. 02 6292 2733
Belconnen Community Service Supporting Positive Parenting $66,625 The project enables parents and children in the West Belconnen region to participate in supported playgroups in their local neighbourhood, including an Indigenous playgroup.  It provides parents with play ideas that promote healthy development, and facilitates links to community, culture, information and resources that support positive parenting. 02 6264 0200
Communities@Work Limited SuperGrands $123,000 The project develops and strengthens the household and family management skills of young parents and families in the ACT, primarily in the Tuggeranong and Weston Creek areas.  It engages seniors as experienced mentors for young parents and families. 02 6293 6500
Companion House Sharing and Learning in Refugee Communities in ACT and Rural NSW $71,750 The project supports four refugee communities in the ACT and Goulburn region and provides support to manage their transition to Australian society.  It enhances parenting and relationship skills in an Australian context, builds community capacity and social connectedness, and trains and supports community leaders and mentors. 02 6247 7227
Marymead Child and Family Centre Kids Making Connections $51,250 The project improves the relationships between troubled children, 9-11 years of age, and their parents and peers across Canberra.  It assists those students who are at risk of school failure or suspension in public and Catholic primary schools across Canberra. 02 6162 5869
Sing Australia Pty Limited Connecting Australians in Singing $102,500 The project maintains ongoing contact with and management of existing and new singing groups in drought-affected areas throughout Australia. It connects people through singing workshops, provides leadership training and regional coordination, and manages musical resources. 02 6230 7777
UnitingCare Kippax Families First $56,375 The project assists parents and children from disadvantaged and low-income families in the Belconnen area, with a particular focus on families living in isolation with special needs. It provides structured community-based support programs, including a supported drop-in playgroup, develops informal networks and relationships with established links to programs, and raises awareness of domestic violence and child abuse. 02 6254 1733


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