Application for exemption from ATM withdrawal limit

A person who occupies gaming machine premises (other than casinos) as defined under the National Gambling Reform Act 2012 may apply for the premises to be exempt from the requirement to limit the amount of cash that can be withdrawn from an automatic teller machine (ATM) on those premises.

For an exemption to be granted, the Regulator must be satisfied that the withdrawal limit would cause an unreasonable inconvenience to the community. Exemptions will only be granted in limited circumstances.

A copy of the guidelines used by the Regulator in assessing applications for exemption is also available.

Processing of applications for exemption

The Regulator has received a large number of applications for exemption from the ATM withdrawal limit. Applications are being processed in the order in which they were received by the Regulator. Where the Regulator received a number of applications on the one day, these are being prioritised according to level of remoteness. This is because remote and regional communities may be more likely than urban communities to be unreasonably inconvenienced by the ATM withdrawal limit due to the potential limited access to alternative cash withdrawal facilities. If there are specific reasons for needing your application to be processed more quickly than other applications (such as an emergency situation), please outline these reasons to the Regulator.

If applicants have any further questions regarding the progress of their application, please check this webpage which will be updated with any further developments. You may also contact the Regulator, however it should be noted that an exact timeframe for a response to your application cannot be provided at this time.

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