Fair pay for social and community services workers

Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission decision supplementation

The Commonwealth Government will provide over $97 million in supplementation to eligible service providers affected by the 29 August 2013 Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission decision to increase wages for workers employed under the:

  • Social and Community Services (Western Australia) Interim Award 2011
  • Crisis Assistance and Supported Housing Industry – WA Interim Award 2010.

The decision brings WA workers’ wages in line with those employed by the SACS Modern Award 2010.

Supplementation will be offered to service providers delivering Commonwealth in-scope programs using the same formula to provide funding for the SACS Modern Award 2010 wage increases.

Service providers that receive funding through Commonwealth-State Agreements will also receive supplementation. The Australian and Western Australian Governments are working together to ensure the funds are paid to the sector quickly.

More information for Western Australian service providers

National case update

Last year, final offers were issued to state and territory governments to fund the Commonwealth’s share of in-scope Commonwealth-State Agreements.  Most states and territories have signed the partnership agreement and begun receiving supplementation payments to pass on to eligible service providers.

Frequently asked questions are available, including how organisations can use supplementation if they already pay staff above the Equal Remuneration Order rate.

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