Review Process—Social and Community Services Supplementation

If an organisation has not received supplementation for Fair Work Australia’s Equal Remuneration Order, and is funded under an in-scope program they should contact, their funding agreement manager.  If an organisation is not paid under a program that is in scope, but it considers it should have received an offer, they may request a review. Some organisations may deliver SACS services under out-of-scope Commonwealth Programs, which is why some organisations in unique circumstances may have missed out on offers for supplementation. However, a review process has been established to assess requests on a case-by-case basis.

To be eligible to receive supplementation, your organisation must employ Social and Community Services (SACS) workers who are employed under Schedule B and C of the SACS Modern Award, and did so as at 1 February 2012.

To request a review, contact your Funding Agreement Manager, and provide them with evidence that you employ SACS workers under Schedule B and C of the SACS Modern Award. Your Funding Agreement Manager will be able to help you further, and if eligible, they will request further details from you to determine if supplementation is applicable and the amount.

Organisations were able to request a review if they considered their offer for SACS supplementation did not reflect their SACS wage costs.

If an organisation requested a review, they needed to provide:

  • Details of all full-time equivalent employees by classification level
  • Evidence that your employees were covered by the SACS Modern Award or the pre-Modern Award SACS Industrial instruments as at 1 February 2012 (this could require duty statements so award coverage can be checked)
  • Proof of actual rates paid to these employees (e.g. payroll documentation), and
  • Distribution of employees to all Government funding streams.
  • Evidence of additional on-costs if applicable (e.g. superannuation contribution, payroll tax, worker’s compensation costs)

If a determination has not been made within 30 days of your funding agency receiving all necessary information, you should discuss this with your funding agreement manager.

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