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Working in Aged Care
This section provides information about action to support the aged care workforce and practical guidance on the financial support and incentives that are available to boost education, training and professional development for the workforce involved in caring for older Australians.

Aged Care Workforce Fund
The Aged Care Workforce Fund provides a large flexible funding pool for initiatives aimed at improving the quality of aged care by developing the skills of the aged care workforce.

Aged Care Education and Training Incentive Programme
The Aged Care Education and Training Incentive (ACETI) programme provides incentive payments to eligible aged care workers who undertake specified education and training programs.

Resources for Aged Care Clinicians by Type.

Residential Care
Residential care services provide accommodation and support for people who can no longer live at home. These links provide more information.

Encouraging Best Practice in the Residential Aged Care Program
The EBPAC initiative aims to encourage and support the uptake of evidence-based, person-centred, better practice in Australian Government subsidised aged care services, through a focus on improving staff knowledge and skills and developing supporting resources, to improve outcomes for aged care recipients.

Aged Care Funding Instrument Review Outcomes
From this page you may access tables with details of Aged Care Funding Instrument reviews (from March 2009) and Resident Classification Scale reviews (June 2006 – December 2008).

Annual Prudential Compliance Scheme Statement
The ‘Annual Prudential Compliance Statement’ is a form completed by Approved Providers of residential aged care.

Ageing and Aged Care Research and Statistics
Providing access to ageing and aged care research and statistics.

Ageing and Aged Care Reports
Reports on Ageing and Aged Care.

Aged Care Funding Instrument Reports
Reports on Aged Care Funding Instrument

Aged Care Summary Data and Service Lists
Information on aged care services subsidised by the Australian Government under the Aged Care Act 1997.

Guidance for Providers
Aged care program guidance, including guidelines, program manuals,  and interest rate updates co-located for your convenience.

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