Results of the 2013 Commonwealth HACC Funding Round (Invitation to Apply DoHA/ 003/1314)


The 2013 Commonwealth HACC funding round has been finalised, with a total of $240 million in funding recommended.

The funding round was significantly over-subscribed, which resulted in a highly competitive funding round. 

Applications were subject to a rigorous assessment process based on the criteria prescribed in the Invitation to Apply and the Commonwealth HACC Program Guidelines. The criteria included considerations of the suitability of the proposal to meet the objectives of the programme and ensuring the efficient and effective use of funding that is consistent with the objectives of the programme.

Details of the successful applicants, listed by region and by organisation, can be obtained by following the links below:

By provider

By region

All applicants will be notified directly as to whether they have been successful, unsuccessful or ineligible.

Feedback to applicants

To assist applicants who applied in the 2013 Commonwealth HACC funding round, the following document provides a summary of feedback on applications, including information on areas where less competitive applications could have generally been strengthened:


The 2013 Commonwealth HACC funding round was advertised on 19 July 2013 and closed 2 September 2013.

This funding round was an open competitive grant round, allocating growth funding for the first time under the programme.

This funding round gave an opportunity to organisations to expand current Commonwealth HACC services, establish a new Commonwealth HACC service or become a new Commonwealth HACC service provider.

A copy of the ITA documentation is available here:

What was funding available for?

The department undertook a planning process to identify five regional priority service types for each of the 33 Commonwealth HACC regions in Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory.  (Note the Commonwealth HACC programme does not apply in Western Australia and Victoria). The priorities were determined using data from a range of sources including information on the spread of Commonwealth funded community care services and information collected from stakeholders across the community care sector.

Funding was predominantly for the regional priority service types. Approximately 85 per cent of funding for service delivery was directed to these priorities nationally. The regional priority service types can be found in Attachment A of the ITA documentation

Funding was also available for other Commonwealth HACC service types that were not identified as a regional priority service type. However, applicants were required to demonstrate in the application the need for the service type in the region. Approximately 15 per cent of the funding for service delivery was directed to service types not identified as regional priorities.

Applicants were also able to apply for a limited amount of one-off funding for set-up costs relating to the establishment of new service delivery activities.

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