Aged Care Reform

Our aged care system touches the lives of millions of Australians.

  • More than one million people receive aged care services, with over half a million people receiving support at home.
  • There are around 2.7 million carers, many of whom are family members.
  • The system employs around 350,000 aged care staff across approximately 2,100 aged care providers.
  • Millions of Australians already have a loved one receiving aged care services or are thinking about their own or someone else’s needs right now.

The Australian Government is committed to providing a sustainable system that supports older people who need care. Australia’s population is ageing rapidly and our current aged care system needs to change to keep up with future demand.

To address the limitations of our current aged care system and ensure it’s the best possible system for Australians – now and into the future – we are reforming the aged care system.

Reforms are being implemented progressively, to give older people more choice, easier access and better care. It will also build a better and more sustainable aged care system. Details on the reforms to key change areas are available:

In addition, the Government is committed to ensuring independent advice and consultation is utilised to support the changes to the aged care system. 

  • The Aged Care Sector Committee has been established to provide advice to Government on aged care policy development and implementation and to guide the future reform of the aged care system. 
  • The Aged Care Financing Authority (ACFA) provides transparent, independent advice to the Government on funding and financing issues in aged care. It is informed by consultation with consumers and the aged care and finance sectors.
  • Sector briefings are delivered by the Government providing briefings to interested aged care stakeholders on the changes to the aged care system. Sector briefings were conducted in March and April 2015. Visit the Get Involved section of the website for further information on the planned consultation.
  • Webinars covering the changes to My Aged Care were held in May and June 2015. Visit the webinar section of this website to view past webinars and for further information on upcoming sessions.

Visit My Aged Care or call 1800 200 422 for more information about aged care support and services available now in your local area.

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Get involved

Consultation with the sector has been very important in developing and supporting the changes so far. Consultation will continue to be central to the future changes to the aged care system.

Over the next few months, consultation and communication will be critical for ensuring aged care recipients, providers and stakeholders understand the reforms and have the opportunity to shape implementation. Information about how you can get involved will be published on this website. 

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