Severe Behaviour Response Teams


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The primary objective of this activity is to support the establishment of a mobile workforce of clinical experts available to provide timely and expert advice to Commonwealth funded approved residential aged care providers that request assistance with addressing the needs of people with very severe and extreme Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD).

SBRTs will be required to assess the causes of the behaviours, assist care staff until the immediate crisis is resolved, develop a care plan to address and deal with behaviours, then provide follow up assistance as needed. This may include the training and up skilling of staff to enable them to appropriately manage residents with extreme behaviours.

The clinicians undertaking the initial assessment will need to be able to have clear and prompt access to further advice and hands on support and assistance from appropriate clinical experts such as geriatricians, psychogeriatricians, GPs, psychiatrists, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, environment assessors and allied health professionals if needed.

More information

Additional information about the Ageing and Service Improvement – Severe Behaviour Response Teams can be found in the following documents:

  • Funding Round Summary provides detailed information on the funding round, including the amount available and eligibility requirements.
  • Programme Guidelines Overview provides information about how grants are funded for this program.
  • Questions and Answers provide applicants with a list of frequently asked questions and answers.
  • Operational Guidelines are a detailed user guide which provides information as to how the granting activity is to be administered.
  • Comprehensive Grant Agreement Terms and Conditions

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